Project No 389/2011/PR2011
“Strengthening the institutional capacities of the insurance market supervisor of the Republic of Azerbaijan”
“Azərbaycan Respublikasının sığorta bazarına nəzarət orqanının institusional imkanlarının gücləndirilməsi” Layihəsi.
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Polish development cooperation programme

Development Assistance

Development assistance is a response of developed countries to the problem of poverty that a considerable number of countries in the 21st century face. Poor countries are not capable of developing solely on their own, therefore they rely on assistance offered by other countries and international institutions. The overcoming of the global development gap is a challenge for today. Hunger and poverty problems require global solutions on the one hand, and the individual involvement of each state on the other.


Supporting Democracy

Apart from development assistance, foreign assistance includes support for the process of building democracy and a civil society. Developed countries become involved in the promotion of the principles of good governance and the rule of law, and in the monitoring and assessment of the observance of human rights and fundamental civil liberties. The strengthening of independence of civil society institutions is also of utmost importance.


New strategy for Polish foreign assistance 

The decision to initiate works on the new strategy for Polish foreign assistance has been made in relation to expanding the scope of Polish activities undertaken in the field of foreign assistance (traditionally limited to development assistance sensustricto), so that it also includes activities promoting democracy in Eastern European countries. Some new international circumstances have also come to existence, namely closer co-operation between the EU and the OECD in the field of development assistance programming and combining efforts to increase its efficiency. These new circumstances make us change the existing approach to the development assistance activities.


Development Assistance is implemented i.a. through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within thePoland's Development Co-operation Programme.


The document Poland's Development Co-operation Programme Implemented through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of the Republic of Poland in 2011* lays down a framework plan for the distribution of funding, and serves as an operational programme for the implementation of actions conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is also Poland's response to international challenges and obligations arising from documents regulating development co-operation, including: the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Articles 208 to 211), the Millennium Declaration, the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, the European Consensus on Development, the Accra Agenda for Action, as well as the Eastern Partnership and the European Development Fund. It also takes into account the conclusions arising from aid programmes implemented by Poland in recent years (…). The development co-operation programme for 2011 will also take into consideration the implementation capacities of both the partner countries (i.e. aid recipients), and the implementing organisations.


Poland'sdevelopment co-operation is implemented through:

a)   projects selected in open competition - submitted by government administration and local government entities, non-governmental organisations, public and private higher learning institutions, research institutes, the Polish Academy of Sciences and its organisational entities, actions implemented through the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Poland.

b)   projects selected through calls for proposals (Small Grants Programme) - initiated and drafted in partner countries and submitted through Polish diplomatic posts;

c)    key projects, the implementation of which is crucial for achieving Poland's development goals in priority countries (key projects will be implemented in Ukraine and Georgia);

d)   co-operation with international organisations, programmes and funds active in the fields of development co-operation and humanitarian aid.


*The complete and original content of the document “Poland's Development Co-operation Programme Implemented Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of the Republic of Poland in 2011can be found on the below website:,Development,cooperation,programme,1053.html


In the course of Poland's Development Co-operation Programme implementation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced open competition “Polish Aid 2011” in October 2010.  As a result of winning the competition, the co-financing / grants were awarded to about 115 project, including proposal, submitted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, i.e. Development Co-operation Project  No 389/2011/PR2011 ,,Strengthening the institutional capacities of the insurance market supervisor of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.


Detailed information onPoland's Development Co-operation Programme is available on:

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